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John Parenti

Record Producer

I have a select group of artists that I produce, arrange and mix for. Here are some of my favorites.

Sebastian demellow


summer grace watson

SoCal surf meets soul with Summer Grace Watson's original songs.

Jon Garner

Jon Garner masterfully channels Jazz, Gypsy, Folk and Vintage Cowboy to transport you to another place and time with his musical swagger and dead-level storytelling. He is a captivating writer, a monster guitar player and a music genre of his own. 

John Giannone

John Giannone is a master composer and pianist specializing from Jazz to Classical. This record is his collection of music for picture.

various artists

I've had the honor of working with so many talented artists. Each bring their unique sensibilities and musical gifts to the process. Here are a few standouts with Niki Smart, Benny Hester and Leslie Page. 

Player. writer. fan.

John Parenti is a Southern California based record producer, composer and arranger. His first instrument and obsession were the drums and to this day, still considers himself a drummer first. He believes in songs with great melodies and is a champion for a well crafted lyric. You can count three #1 songs and six Top 10 Hits in the CCM market on his writing credentials. The most noteworthy was a national #1 hit for 13 solid weeks and is currently the longest running number one airplay hit in CCM history. He has produced over 70 artists involving every genre of music and has enjoyed many successes scoring original music for picture on network movies and advertising campaigns over the last 18 years.

Today his interests are in producing and collaborating with select singer songwriters who inspire him. He keeps a small roster of talent focusing complete attention to the artist and their craft with the sole purpose of making music that is impeccable, thoughtful and memorable.

Roberto Vally
Allen Hinds
Sebastain DeMellow
Sebastian, JP, Roberto, Allen
Session Mates
Trippin' On String Session
Monster Guitarist
John Garner
Session Prep
Soprano Sax Day
Session Jam
Grammy Winner Violinist
Listening. Listening.
Summer Day
Harp & Sax
The A Team
Slime Kings
Hall of Fame Harp
Dream Console
On Tour
Ocean Way
King's Piano

John Parenti


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